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Faith-based torture supported by your tax dollars

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Police: Boot camp girl dragged with van
Sat Aug 11, 8:40 PM ET

BANQUETE, Texas - Authorities charged the director of a Christian boot camp and an employee with dragging a 15-year-old girl behind a van after she fell behind the group during a morning run.

Charles Eugene Flowers and Stephanie Bassitt of San Antonio-based Love Demonstrated Ministries, a 32-day boot camp for at-risk teens, are accused of tying the girl to the van with a rope June 12 and dragging her, according to an arrest affidavit filed Wednesday.

And what's your part in this? Well, your tax dollars are being used to support so-called "faith-based initiatives" as a part of Bush Administration policies. This group, "Love Demonstrated Ministries," is a part of that program.

On January 29, 2001, the President announced the Faith-Based and Community Initiative and, at the same time, created a White House office dedicated to this issue along with parallel offices at five key Departments: HHS, Justice, Housing and Urban Development, Labor, and Education. This initiative aims to enrich social services by drawing on the strengths of religious and community groups. These organizations have long played a critical role in furnishing their own aid, but have been unfairly or unwisely excluded from playing a more direct role in delivering federally supported services....

One of the coalition partners, Love Demonstrated Ministries (LDMI), is a faith-based organization which focuses on youth offenders, gang members, and high risk youth. Over the past three years, 135 of 165 young offenders entering its Life Skills and Parenting Camp have graduated from LDMI, a success rate of 82 percent.

Just one of the many examples of why church and state don't mix. I am not anti-religion, and neither was Thomas Jefferson when injected the meme of separation of church and state into our national consciousness. It is simply that when government and religion mix, each has detrimental effects on the other. And religion in the wrong hands can be used as justification for all types of evil actions, from dragging girls behind vans to brainwashing gay people into a miserable life of repressed sexuality to picketing funerals.

This is faith-based torture. And you are paying for it. Is this what Bush means when he talks about a compassionate culture of life?

Some life.

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